Scorpion and Subaru Mountain Bike Race Mokolodi Game Reserve

13 10 2009

Kingsley & Associates presents

Report on the two day Kalahari Subaru MTB cycle race 2009— by J.P.Aves.

Day 1 was long and rough, but started well and I enjoyed cycling through Mokolodi nature reserve; sight seeing animals and bush then, on all the way to Nywane Dam and the Bing farm near Otse. Day 2 was a quicker sprint back through the village of Otse on to the Yacht club and final finish. The race route was fair but tough on the first day, approximately 97km for Day One and 95km on Day Two.

The route was set to miss out the heavy taxing “Kalahari” sandy bits and having dodged the odd patch of sand and cycling on the flat hills (‘otherwise known as the horizontal hills of Botswana’) guaranteed to blow the cobwebs from the lungs, some small but real hills were available and kept the legs working and dodging every variety of acacia thorn designed to tear at your cycle gear or face or hands or legs.

189 kms in two days thorugh Mokolodi

189 kms in two days thorugh Mokolodi

Lots of natural single track but because Botswana is flat it doesn’t mean its easy and not challenging and I soon found that ‘flat’ don’t mean ‘pedal more’, as you have to pedal all the way and as the saying goes (not rest for the wicked)! “It was very good but tiring race and long saddle sore hours (six and half on the first day and six on the second) for slow coaches like myself. The other professionals did it under four hours each day. Below are some other people comments from this race- “…the feeling of absolute elation when I finally got the hang of riding the sand…”  “…the best by far (water stops)…”

 “…you will not find a happier friendlier field at any cycling race…”

“All in all it was a great course, well marked, with good water points and a great overnight stop and it certainly it is a proper challenge for those who are looking for something different and for a true African mountain biking experience.”

Check out the “RIDE MAGAZINE“race reports of September 2007 and latest 2009 reports.

Sponsored by Pick and Pay

Sponsored by Pick and Pay


Mokolodi scorpion race through Park only with a 60 kms race and 20 kms fun run. Mostly through the Park seeing Giraffe and other wild animals including white Rhino.

Race through the parkMB Scorpion

Race through the park MTB Mokolodi Scorpion Cycle race




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